Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We have had a few scary days in the Lawrence family. My sister-in-law Melissa, or Lissa since we have two Melissa's, is in critical condition at the University of Utah hospital. She was taken to the Tooele hospital Sunday night with severe back pain and difficulty breathing. After finding that she had gall stones they were waiting to schedule gall bladder surgery when her blood pressure dropped causing her to pass out and she was taken to the ICU and it has gotten worse from there. She was flown to the UofU hospital Monday night. She now has an infected pancreas, Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome- which is very, very bad pneumonia, her lungs and kidneys have shut down, infection has spread to her blood. She is on a respirator and has a feeding tube in. They have said that the next 24hrs are very critical for her. They are going to wean her off of the blood pressure meds and if she can keep her blood pressure up that is great, if not then that is bad. We are all so scared for her. She is married to Miles' brother Mark and they have 7yr old twin boys Brock and Brady and 2yr old Logan. Brock is autistic. We are all doing what we can to support Mark and take care of the boys. Lissa is a wonderful person. Very easy going and kind. She is a wonderful mother to her boys. She is also a great friend and is always willing to help others. We are having a fast for her tomorrow and will be praying that she will be able to keep her blood pressure up. Lissa is also a very strong person and will do anything for her family. I know that she will fight as hard as she can to be able to go back home with her husband and boys. I don't know if I've ever met anyone that is as devoted to her family as she is.

Lissa loves babies. Here she is snuggling Collin. We love you Lissa!