Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day party

Scotty has his preschool Valentine's Day party today. I found this really cute vday craft here and I was excited to see a boyish valentine idea. Scotty loves rockets so he was excited to make them. It was fun to make these with him.

He put a foam letter sticker on each one for his own little embellishment.

He wanted to do his teacher's rockets in pink because they are girls!

And then he had to play with a rocket when we were done.


john:and:aim said...

Whoa - wait a minute now -- HOMEMADE cards??? What are you thinking?!!!!! No, really -- you are such a cool Mom :)

Geri said...

That is such a fun idea. I bet he had a ball doing it and giving them out. Way to go Mom for being so patient!