Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

My SIL sent me this link for these really cute valentine's and I decided to make them for my boys. We had made Scotty's rockets already, but I really love these and I plan on doing them another year. I, unfortunately, told Scotty we had a surprise for him and so he got really excited....but, paper hearts with M&M's inside did not live up to his expectations! He thought it was funny that the M&M's went flying when he ripped his open, but then he struggled with being disappointed. And then after that he kept saying he doesn't like Valentine's day. Sometimes I just can't win! Grant, of course, loved getting sweet treats. We put those Gerber puffs in Collin's and he absolutely LOVES them and he sat there shoving in handful after handful after we ripped his open.
Scotty drew us volcanoes! Mine was even heart shaped. With "lots and lots of lava"! Then he had us tell him all the letters to write a cute little message. Grant colored us a picture too that was adorable. Miles made a delicious, but very involved, chili for dinner. I saw it made on Cook's Country one day and thought it looked delicious and he was very nice to try it out for me.
We also took some little hearts and Miles, Scotty and I wrote on them things that we love about each family member. That was fun and I think it will be a fun Vday tradition. We like to keep things simple on Vday and be sure to express our love often to each other throughout the day.

I forgot to take pictures before we ripped them open, but here they are after the damage was done.

You can see the M&Ms and puffs all over the floor. They really flew when we ripped them!

Grant was sure to get every single one.

Collin kept showing them to Miles before he ate them. He's so cute!!


I had to throw this one in because you can see his little tooth up there on top!

Here are our little love notes. We hope you had a good Valentine's Day too!


Matt and Monica said...

You're such a cute Mom! The little things are what count! I remember my mom making heart hoagies one year with heart shaped turkey and cheese slices. It was my favorite! We've made our blog private. If you would like to read send me your email to Hugs to you and your adorable fam!