Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My sister and I are the oldest grandkids on both sides of our family, so we didn't have cousins our age. We were great babysitters for all our younger cousins, but we didn't have any our own age to play with. I'm so glad that my kids have cousins their age to play with. We were excited when we heard that Urban was coming to visit for the weekend and made plans to have him come stay with us on Friday. He and Scotty get along so well and had a blast playing all day. He was also able to sleep over and that was really fun too. We went to the park and met up with some more cousins- Brock, Brady and Logan and everyone had a great time.

They are digging for buried treasure in our neighbor's yard and claim they found some!

Here's Brock trying very hard to get his message out!

Urban, Brady and Scotty rolling down the hill. I remember doing that- do you?

This particular park is near Urban's old house so we call it "Urban's park" and Scotty will also add "The one with the steering wheels."

Getting ready to settle down and watch a movie. They rearranged most of the big items in the playroom to make a racetrack and to have stations where they would get their power. I love their imaginations! We were very surprised that Urban went to sleep around 9pm and slept all night until 7am (he's normally a night owl) and Scotty was still up at 9:30pm saying he couldn't sleep and then he came up at midnight and got into his own bed (he normally sleeps from 7pm-7am). They spent the next day playing at Grandma Geri's and helping to work on the kitchen remodel. It was so fun to have Urban back and Scotty and I can't wait for our visit to Colorado in April.


Mel said...

Urban had a great time visiting you guys!

I had an even funner time being alone in Colorado - THANK YOU!!

In the pic with Brock and Grant, Grant looks like he's giving Brockers some pointers on how to make it work!