Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Scotty!

Scotty is 5 today!! We've been parents for 5 years- it's crazy. We are privileged to be Scotty's parents. He has taught us a lot and is the guinea pig for our parenting. Luckily for us, he is a very forgiving and understanding little boy! (Oops- I mean big boy! He won't let me call him a little boy anymore.) It has been fun seeing Scotty's imagination and creativity grow this year. He never was into creative stuff until this past year and now he loves to create art pieces and especially loves making inventions. He has come up with some pretty impressive stuff using cardboard boxes, paper, tape (oh my- lots of tape!) and lots of other random stuff from around the house. If he wants a certain toy and we tell him to put it on his birthday list, he says "That's ok, I'll just make one from cardboard." Scotty has also blossomed as a big brother. He loves to play with Grant and teach him things and he is very proud of his baby brother Collin. He is still a little shy and has had some ups and downs with being shy at preschool, but he loves to learn and is doing great. He is super excited to start Kindergarten in the fall and we've had to remind him many times that he isn't going to start Kindergarten the day he turns 5! He has started telling us that we're the best Mom and Dad in the whole world and he wants to keep us forever! We love him so much and think he is the best 5 year old kid in the world! Happy Birthday Scotty!

Some pictures from the past year:
His birthday present last year. He loves to scooter!

Super Scotty

He was very excited to plant a garden. Eating what came out of the garden wasn't so exciting, but doing the work was!

His very fun hat that he invented.

He made himself a computer and loved to send emails on it.

He wanted a guitar so he and I made one and he started a band called Scotty's Band and gave us lots of great performances.

Climbing on the rocks in St George. He loves to hike and climb.

This is what he will wake up to in the morning. I read this idea on a website and thought it would be so fun. I thought that 25 balloons would be a lot, but it wasn't quite enough. Next time we'll do more, but since this is the first time we've done this he'll be very excited.


john:and:aim said...

aaaaaaaaahhhhhh -- time is flying by way too fast! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUDDY! We can't wait to see you in a few months and give our birthday spankin's :) Have fun at Chuck-E-Cheese -- but stay away from Chuck-E (he's just creepy!). You are such an amazing 5 year old. The world needs more Scottys!!

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday, Scotty! You're a lucky kid to have such an amazing family!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hope his birthday went well! The guitar is soo cute.

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