Monday, March 1, 2010


Do you have a favorite piece of clothing? I do. It's a blue fleece shirt, and if you know me well you know the shirt I am referring to. I bought it so long ago I can't even remember when I got it. It fits me perfectly and I love it. I have tried to buy more that were similar but they just didn't fit the same. After I had been wearing it for a few years I decided it was time to retire it to a house only shirt and I think I have worn it most cold weather days since then. When it is summer and too hot to wear it I get so sad. It's my comfort and I just feel happy when I put it on. Pair it with some comfy pj pants and I'm all set. It has been funny to see my babies react when I'm wearing a different shirt. They are so interested and enthralled by something new and Grant was even scared one time and wouldn't touch me! It has been with me through lots of fun and exciting things through the years:

2004 - Before we had kids we took a trip up the Oregon coast for our 4th anniversary. The first documented appearance of the shirt was our 3rd anniversary trip in 2003 to Ohio, but that was before we went digital so I only have a print and no scanner to put it on here.

2005- Scotty's first Christmas.

2006- Brushing Scotty's cute little teeth for the first time.

2007- Grant's first Christmas.

2008- Feeding Grant rice cereal for the first time.

2009- Snuggling with a newborn Collin on Easter.

2010- I take it with me when I go on trips, like this recent Girl's trip.

It celebrates birthdays with me.

And it is with me when I comfort my kids.

I love this shirt. I hope it can stay with me for years to come!


Cedar City Crew said...

Golden Boy Shirts are awesome!!!

john:and:aim said...

oh man, I certainly know "the shirt"!!!!!! you've been through thick and thin together!!!

Mel said...

Oh, the SHIRT!

Why didn't you blog about how you threw a fit and got mad at the manager of the hotel you left the prized shirt at?

It's in EVERY girl's trip photo, right along with the puff quilt!