Thursday, February 10, 2011

A new adventure

When Scotty went to his 5yr old check up he struggled a little with the vision screening. The Pediatrician said it wasn't too bad and to just wait until he did the vision screening at school and see how that went. They did the vision screening at his school in December. Then in January we got a letter from them saying that he couldn't see the line appropriate for his age and that there were differences between eyes. So we made the appointment with the eye doctor. Turns out that he has amblyopia (lazy eye) and his right eye is 40 times worse than his left eye. The doctor said that we didn't notice any problems because his left eye is so good that he has been able to compensate really well. He's hopeful that it can be helped with just glasses rather than having him wear an eye patch. Scotty is excited about having glasses. He found a pair that he really likes and they were green like Daddy's, so that made him love them even more. They finally came in today and he was so excited. He listened very carefully to the instructions that they gave him and he made sure he had his case in his backpack to put the glasses in during recess time. I hope he continues to love them!

Doing the 3-D check.

He was having fun so far and asking LOTS of questions!

Now we're getting a little bored waiting for the doctor!

We had to wait a long time.

After the dr's initial exam he decided that he needed Scotty's eyes dilated. They had to put 4 drops in each eye and Scotty hated it!! He was brave though and let her get all the drops in that she needed to. After that he was quite grumpy for the rest of the appointment. Luckily he was able to be distracted a little by picking out his frames.

He wouldn't let me take his picture with the super cool sunglasses that they gave him. He loved them though. I thought that was funny because adults hate them!

And here he is- isn't he cute??? The glasses took 2 full weeks to come and he would ask everyday if they were in yet. He was so excited. I, of course, worry about kids making fun of him, but hopefully that won't happen. He has a girl in his class that just recently had to start wearing an eye patch. She has different ones so at the beginning of class she comes up so they can all see which one she is wearing that day. I'm thinking this is a good class for him to be in when he starts wearing glasses.

And here he is with Daddy and their matching glasses. I love them!!


Amanda said...

So far, my kids haven't had vision problems, but my eyes are really really bad. I'm sure at least one will inherit that from me:) Scotty looks great in his glasses, so cute!

Geri Lawrence said...

Scotty looked to cool and proud in his glasses when he came over to our house today!

Mel said...

Cool glasses Scotty! Aunt Mel, Uncle Nate and Urban think they are awesome!!

john:and:aim said...

so so so so cool!!! Can't wait to talk to him and let him know how awesome he is :)