Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another kindness tree reward

We finally finished phase 3 of our kindness tree. We decided at the beginning of December to put Christmas lights on the tree. Then the excitement of the tree waned and we had a hard time remembering to do it, so it took us a long time to finish it. But we finally did and we all decided to go to McDonald's for breakfast. The boys thought it was super cool and fun to play at McD's in the morning!

That is Collin climbing up the tube. He would make it to the top but instead of crawling around up there he would come back down. Impressive! The other two didn't climb up there until they were much older than Collin is. But they didn't have fun brothers to follow either!

We had a fun time and I'm trying to get motivated to do another chart soon. I really enjoy acknowledging the kind acts in the house and the charts help us remember to do that.


Mike and Becca said...

you are such a good momma. I stumble upon youre "happy list" you wrote when we served together. You must have made a copy for me, or I copied your idea or something. But it's pretty funny. Brings back great memories