Friday, July 18, 2008


Grant and I took a weekend trip to Arizona to visit Aimee and her family in early June. We had so much fun. Well, after we rescued a screaming Grant from the backseat of Aimee's car loaded with strangers he had a fun time too! It was so good to hang out with the Yorks. We played lots of games, jumped on the tramp (and helped Aunt Lori realize how old she is!), laughed, visited a fresh & easy store and talked, talked and talked. Grant really loved being held and carried around by everyone. I loved having lots of arms to do the carrying! Scotty and Miles had lots of fun together while we were gone. I missed them and was excited to go home, but it is always sad to leave the Yorks. Aimee is such a great sister. She and I have always been close. Way back to when we used to play hours and hours of Barbies, when I tagged along on her first date with John to the hours we spend talking on the phone now. And her kids are the greatest! They are all growing up so fast. Kaish is a fun teenager always up for a joke (and graciously gave up her room for me and Grant), Keri is a sweetie and so good with my kids, Kam is a great story teller and always makes me laugh, and little Kenners is an energetic cutie pie that I love to snuggle with. Thanks for a great visit guys!!

One of the many games we played. No tears yet..but they did flow!!! They hate it when I always win!

This is how Grant spent his trip to fresh & easy!