Monday, July 21, 2008

Night time crazy

We don't know why but a few months ago Scotty started waking up at night screaming and calling for us.  We would go in and he would usually turn right over and go right back to sleep.  Sometimes he would ask us to pull his covers up.  We would ask if he needed anything or if he had a bad dream but he always said no and was immediately back to sleep.  Things got worse and he was waking up four or five times a night.  We were so tired and thought it was crazy that we had to worry about our older child waking up our baby!  It was getting really old and ridiculous.  So we decided to tell him not to call out anymore and we weren't going to come in.  So we tried to ignore him but a few nights ago he got out of bed and was standing in the hall screaming, so I got up and put him back in bed without saying anything to him or even looking at him.  We did this over and over for about a half an hour when he finally fell asleep on the floor on top of his stuffed animals.  Last night when Miles got up to put him back in bed he said he needed to use the potty so we told him to go by himself (which he can and does do all the time) but he was freaking out that Miles wasn't staying in there with him.  (He usually prefers Daddy's presence in the middle of the night)  So after a few times of Miles going in and out I got up and put him back in bed with his pull-up down around his ankles.  He got up again so I put him back but this time I pulled his pull-up back up and went back to my room.  As I was going to my bed I heard him come to the door and all of a sudden I was whacked in the back of the head by his pull-up!!  I couldn't believe it.  I giggled to myself, picked him up and put him and the pull-up back in his bed.  He immediately got up, ran to the kitchen and threw his pull-up in the garbage.  Miles and I were dying laughing in the bedroom!  He came back down the hall with only his pj shirt on so I put him back in bed half naked.  I just decided that if he peed all over he would have to face the consequences in the morning of having to take a shower (which he really hates) and clean up the messes.  I wasn't going to let anything break me and give him the attention he wanted.  We went back and forth in and out of bed a few times until he finally fell asleep on the floor in his doorway.  When I woke up this morning he was back in his bed so he obviously decided to get back in bed sometime in the night.  It's totally crazy and frustrating to do all this at 1:30am, but after doing it only one time he sleeps the rest of the night.  Grant sleeps through the whole thing.  He cried out once but only one cry and then was fine.  We don't understand what is going on.  We worked really hard when he was a baby to establish good sleeping habits and he has been great until this started.  Maybe that's why we have all been grumpy lately!  

I'm really hoping he catches on soon and stops getting up.  And hopefully he'll learn that we're not going to engage him no matter what he does- even if he throws his pull-up at me!  I'm just glad it was dry.  :-)