Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Night time update

It's getting better!!  Scotty has only gotten out of bed during the night once in the past few nights.  He still occasionally cries out at night, but it doesn't last too long.  Last night he was calling out for Daddy, but after a few minutes he was quiet- whew!  We are all better rested and happy now!  All we need to work on now is going to bed and staying in bed.  We still have to spend 30-60 minutes at bedtime getting him to stay in bed.  But last night was shorter than the previous nights, so I think he's getting it.  Or it was just a fluke and he'll be messing around tonight for 2 hours!!!  

I miss Scotty's crib!  Bedtime used to be nice.  When I put Grant to bed it's so lovely.  I rock him and sing to him and he lays there sucking on his fingers gazing at me, slowly closing and opening his eyes.  Then I lay him down and rub his belly while he smiles really big at me.  Then I kiss him, leave the room and don't hear from him again until morning- it's so great!  We used to have that with Scotty too, but when he was a little over a year he decided that he didn't want to sit and snuggle- he wanted to stand up and look out the window that was behind the rocking chair!  That was the end of serene, snuggly bedtimes.  I guess they all have to grow up- but I didn't know it would be so hard to let them!