Sunday, July 13, 2008

Treasure hunt

At the reunion they filled a pool with wood shavings and then put some coins in it to have the kids do a digging for treasure activity.  The little kids were first and they were so excited!  It turned out to be hard to find anything so I got in there to help Scotty.  We found a few coins and he was thrilled.  He asked what they were and people were telling him that they were nickels and pennies.  So he holds it up the nickel and shouts "Daddy look!  A pickle!!"  It was a great laugh for everyone!

Getting started Scotty was a little worried that it was making his hands dirty!

He got over that and jumped in there to be able to dig better.


john - and - aim said...

Did he get enough to stash away in the ol' college fund? Looks like you had a good time!