Friday, October 10, 2008

Grant's on the move!

At 10 months Grant is finally starting to get himself around. He's not officially crawling yet, but he can move. He lays on his belly, pushes himself with his tip-toes and then lunges forward with his arms. Or else he drags himself along with his arms. It is so cute to watch! The other morning he was crying in his crib and when Miles went in to get him he was standing up leaning over the edge! Later that day after his nap he was crying again and when I went in he was doing that again. It scared me! So I had to lower his mattress this morning. It makes me sad. He's growing up so fast. I thought there would be two more notches to lower the mattress but there was only one, so he's now at the lowest- my baby is growing up! It's funny that he did that because he can't pull himself up anywhere else. He gets to his knees and then can't seem to use his legs to push himself the rest of the way up. But when it's a dangerous situation like teetering on the side of his crib, he has no problem!!