Sunday, October 5, 2008


This morning I was getting Scotty's breakfast ready. He wanted scrambled eggs with cheese on top. So we sliced two pieces of cheese because he always wants to eat one of them right away. This morning he decided to put them together to make a sandwich, eat both slices and have none on top of his eggs. Ok- whatever makes him happy! When his eggs were ready he grabbed what was left of his cheese sandwich and stuffed it all in his mouth. I got him off of the counter and was hugging and kissing him as I put him in his booster when all of a sudden he started gagging! I asked him if he was going to throw up, he said yes so I put him down and shooed him toward the bathroom telling him to run to the bathroom really fast. I was starting to panic! I don't do well with throw up! He started to go, abruptly turned around and announced around a mouthful of cheese that he has too much cheese in his mouth. He walked over to the garbage can, spit the cheese out and then was just fine. My racing, panicky heart took a few minutes to settle down though! That was a close call. Miles did point out that I can always have him throw up in the disposal side of the sink and I will try to remember that if I ever have a puke emergency in the kitchen again!


Mel said...

Yes, as I have said before, one must always have a Puke Plan to put into effect.

It would make a lovely FHE topic.
Make sure to map out the nearest route and do drills every month!

Clean up should be done on a rotating schedule such as: Lori cleans up on days that are numbered with Roman numerals, and Miles cleans up on standard number days.