Monday, October 20, 2008

More fun at the cabin!

We spent another weekend at the cabin, but this time Miles didn't go with us. He stayed home to do Scout stuff and to handle all the problems in the nursery for me- thanks Miles! But Scotty, Grant, Grandpa Scott and I had a great time. Scotty and Grandpa went on a hike while Mommy and Grant napped. We went to Murphy Lake to throw rocks and pine cones. Grandpa and I watched the newest Indiana Jones movie- it was good! Scotty got to start Grandpa's truck every time we went somewhere. And we ate at the Cheeseburger Factory. Yummy!! Their burgers are so good. If you are ever in Alpine Wyoming you have to stop in and have a burger. While we were driving back to the cabin after eating there Grandpa asked if we saw the bacon on his burger and was commenting on how big and how much of it there was. Scotty speaks up from the backseat with this: "Did you see the cheese on my grilled cheese? There was a lot of cheese and it was really melty!" We laughed so hard! It was like he was a little adult. Thanks for a great weekend Grandpa Scott!


Cyndi said...

That sounds like so much fun. I love fun little get-a-ways.

Cyndi said...

By the way, I tagged you on my blog, for a fun post. :) It really is a fun one. I had to ask Jon for help on mine. hahaha. I'm looking forward to reading yours! :)