Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Apparantly I'm still a new, learning mother: leaving kids alone playing with these paintbrush things that have the paint in them that we have played with tons of times because the paint part is still securely sealed off is not a good idea because one of them (mine, of course) will figure out how to open the paint and spill paint on himself and our brand new carpet resulting in a big mess (which he tried to cover up), an angry husband/daddy and a contrite wife/mommy. But looking on the bright side: the other innocent bystander kid did alert an adult quickly of the mess and we still have Mel's carpet steam cleaner that is doing a pretty good job on the new carpet. Now the question is who should get the punishment- Mommy or Scotty??? I say both!


The Zen Chemist said...

you should have posted pictures to go with this one. Kids will be kids and they will push the limits and explore everything. The only thing that he shouldn't have done was to try and cover it up. Smile and laugh at least you get to be with them.

Mel said...

Blame Miles!