Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Peeping Tom

Last night Miles and I were downstairs watching tv when I heard a weird noise coming from outside the uncovered window next to us. I hesitantly looked out and saw a cat looking down at us from the top of the window well. I hate cats!! After a little while it ended up jumping down into the window well and was meowing at us! I went over and hit the window to try to scare it away but it just kept on meowing. It was freaky!! After a few minutes Miles went upstairs for a little while and the cat eventually laid down and made itself comfortable right outside the window. When Miles came back down it saw him, got up and started pacing and meowing again! Obviously it was taken with him. I wondered if it was trying to tell us something- like Lassie did! Miles got annoyed and went over to the window, opened it up a little bit and proceeded to bark at it! The surprising thing is, it worked! It jumped back up to the top of the window well, Miles barked at it again and it ran away never to be seen again. We really need to get window coverings for those basement windows. A cat is bad enough but I'm totally scared of the day when I glance over there and see a creepy face peering back at me!


Miles said...

It was creepy....I almost thew up.

Mel said...

I don't blame the poor kitty for running! I would do ANYTHING not to have you bark at me!