Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Preschool time!

Scotty has started preschool again. He goes 3 times per week and so far it has been lots of fun. Almost everyday when I ask him how school was he says "It was wonderful!" I'm so glad that he likes it so much. His teachers said that last year he was always really quiet but this year he has really blossomed and is hardly shy at all. It's fun to see the cute papers he brings home everyday. This year his favorite colors are purple and green and you surely can tell because everything he colors or writes is purple and green. He writes his name and switches colors for each letter and he even did a maze and would change colors at every turn! Last year everything was brown so it's fun to have some bright colors! He is getting really good at writing his letters and loves to do his tracing pages. We're so proud of him!

Here he is getting ready to leave on his first day. He looks so grown up in this picture!

He was really happy his name fish was green!

Urban, Mekhi and Scotty posing outside of school. They love to climb on this rock and it's fun to see who is standing on it when we pick them up. Scotty is very happy to be in the same class as Urban and Mekhi again this year. I can't believe how fast they grow up!