Thursday, April 10, 2008

4 nights!

Well, Scotty made it 4 nights before he got out of his bed- that's pretty good!  Tonight when we put him to bed he was in there playing, talking, bouncing and having a grand ol' time!  I went in and told him to go to sleep once and he was quiet for awhile.  But after he'd been in bed for about an hour and 15 minutes we heard his door shut.  So I went down the hall and his door opened- he saw me coming and he went running!  The sound of his feet pitter pattering was hilarious and I had to pause outside of his door to stop laughing.  When I went in I found him laying on his pillow on top of his comforter on the floor with his stuffed daddy Shamu and baby Shamu right there with him!  He said he wanted to sleep right there on the floor, but mean Mommy made him get back in his bed.  I had to laugh when I saw him with his little bed all spread out on the floor- ruining my plan to just put him right back in bed with minimal talking when he did finally get up!  When he was at his Grandma's the other day he took a nap on the floor of Grandpa's office and I'm sure that is where this idea came from.  We'll have to see what the next few nights bring!  I'm sure he'll still lay in there and yell for us before dawn tomorrow morning- urgh.

He also fell out of bed just a few minutes ago.  That is only the second time and he only whimpers a little and goes right back to sleep.  It's probably a good thing that we had to use the crib/toddler bed until we can get his big bed.  Less height to fall and less traumatic experience!  He's such a big boy now.  We'll be doing potty training next Tuesday and that will be the definite end of all traces of babyhood for him!  Makes me a little sad.  But on the bright side:  I will only have to buy diapers for one kid now!!


john - and - aim said...

You exercise great patience, Lor! I used to get made at my kids for getting out of bed!! Can't we just freeze time for a while, and let Scotty be little and cute a while longer? I know that he'll continue to always be cute, but it really is nice to only have to buy one pack of diapers instead of two! Huge milestone :-)

john - and - aim said...

Oops, I meant "mad" !!!!!