Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Basement update..

The drywall is done, all but one door is hung and Miles will be starting on the baseboards soon.  Hip, hip hooray!!  I CAN'T WAIT until this blankety blank project is finished.  In the meantime, Grant is quickly outgrowing his bassinet, Scotty is ready to be potty trained and needs his big boy bed asap, and now we have added Scotty's new birthday toys to the millions of toys strewn throughout every square foot of our upstairs!  Plus- I really miss Miles.  He is always working in the basement and I really miss hanging out with him in the evenings and on Saturdays.  Theoretically I could go down there and work with him, but we have found through personal experience that my presence is only a distraction and annoyance and not very helpful!  I help him when I am truly needed and let him work his magic when I'm not.  I am also having a really hard time being motivated to do any house cleaning whatsoever.  There isn't a spot for everything so I can't put things in their spots, so I just leave them wherever they have happened to fall.  I just keep telling myself that it will be all better once the basement is done and we can move all the crap downstairs.  Of course, then there will be the issues of having to clean up the playroom, a whole other level of house to vacuum and another bathroom to clean, but that is a worry for another day!


Lawwife said...

More space means more stuff!!! You're collection of "crap" will just get bigger until you need a bigger house :).