Thursday, April 3, 2008

Time flies

Grant is 4 months old today.  He is growing up so fast.  He is a big boy also.  I'm excited to get his stats at his 4 month check up tomorrow.  I had to get out Scotty's old 6-9 month clothes for him today because the 3-6 month stuff is getting too small.  I remember being sad when Scotty would outgrow his little clothes, but I seem to be more sad with Grant.  Maybe it's because I'm not able to savor every single moment with him like I did with Scotty.  But he is such a good, happy baby that every moment I do spend with him is joyful.  I sat with him after feeding him this evening and held him in my arms while he talked to me in his cute little coo's.  It was so cute!  Scotty is starting to interact with him more and it is so fun to watch.  He talks to him and brings toys over to him and he has asked to hold him and feed him a couple times lately.  The holding and feeding only last about 30 seconds but it's a start!  
Here are some recent pictures of our little cutie for your viewing pleasure!

Smiling at his Easter toy.

He works his hand out of his swaddling blanket and happily chews on his fingers.