Thursday, April 17, 2008

Made it out alive!

Well, after one and half days spent sitting right outside the bathroom with Scotty, we have emerged potty trained and still alive!!  He's doing pretty good- still having some accidents but he's catching on.  He's just too busy playing to stop and go to the bathroom!  But I did enjoy the one on one time spent with Scotty, even though we were mainly talking about potty stuff, I felt close to him.  And nobody told me about the warm overflow of parental pride at the first tinkle in the potty!  I had tears and everything.  It was quite a moment for me to realize that he's growing up and I'm ok with that and even happy that he is mastering a big boy skill.  

As I was feeding Grant today I remembered that the only time Scotty would snuggle with us from 6 months to 1yr old was when we were feeding him his bottle.  I was so sad to give up bottles at 1 because that was my only snuggle time!  So I snuggled Grant for a long time after he was done feeding.  I'm going to try to remember that he will soon be wanting his independence and I need to cherish every snuggle moment that I get before they are gone.  
When Miles and Scotty went into his room tonight to get into bed, Scotty flops onto the rocking chair and announces "I'm hyper!"  That was an understatement!!