Monday, April 28, 2008


Ok- I need all you experienced Moms out there to let me in on the secret.  When will I see or appreciate the benefits of having Scotty potty trained??  Because as of right now, I'm not seeing too many.  There is the fact that I don't have to buy diapers for him anymore and if we were to go somewhere packing a bunch of underwear will take up less room than a bunch of diapers.  But other than that I'm not seeing many benefits!!  There's the arguing when I tell him to go to the potty when he's dancing around but he would much rather play than go to the bathroom.  There's the totally disgusting toilet that has to be cleaned-   and how does a  little boy that sits down  to pee get pee all over the  place???  Then there is the panicking whenever we have to go somewhere worrying that he will have an accident and having to pack extra pants and underwear, going right before we leave, being the drink Nazi and not letting him drink more than is needed to sustain life, rushing around to find a bathroom as soon as we arrive at our destination just to have him sit there and not go, take him a few more times and have him sit there and not go, then see him holding himself when we are as far away as possible from the bathroom and have to give myself a heart attack running him to the bathroom hoping he doesn't pee on me as I carry him there!  And then there is the celebrating when he does poop on the potty only to have him announce that he's done and needs me to wipe him- gross!  It was much easier to clean him up after a poopy diaper then when he's sitting on the toilet.  I'm really proud of him and he really is doing well with it, I just think that I'm the one that is having a hard time adjusting to this new stage.  It seems much easier to me just to change diapers than to go through all this!  

Hmm..I guess another benefit is that Scotty has earned a couple trips to get ice cream from doing his sticker chart and I have been a recipient of a treat from his hard work!  And after we got ice cream today we stopped at a park and played and had a really great time.  So I guess there are more benefits when I stop to think about it.  Fun, quality time with him is always a benefit, no matter what we had to go through to get it.