Monday, April 21, 2008

My little turkey and couch potato

Scotty has these little goggles that came in a tool set.  He wanted to wear them in the bath the other night and it was so funny!  They were all steamy and he couldn't see.  The best part is that he calls them "gobbles"!!

Scotty wearing his designer "gobbles".

Grant LOVES tv.  He is always twisting, turning and craning to see it.  When we feed him he will turn his head all the way to the side to have a good view of the tv if it is on.  And when I lay him down on the floor he puts his head all the way back to see it.  Is this a bad sign??


john - and - aim said...

how sweet are these boys! and yes, it is a bad sign (you big couch potatoes)!

Melissa said...

Like mother, like son!