Friday, October 31, 2008

Preschool parade

Thursday Scotty had a Halloween party at preschool and then they did a little costume parade. It was so cute. All those little kids in their cute little costumes walking around and around the driveway- adorable!! Scotty's costume this year is a forklift driver- a grabber forklift, as he calls it! Grant was Frankenstein and he was too cute!

Here's Scotty, Grant and their cousin Urban posing outside of preschool. The grabber parts of the forklift had fallen off by this point, but we were able to fix them for the next festivities.

So cute!!! Our little monster!

Here's Scotty walking around the loop.

Forklift man!

Waiting patiently for the parade to start.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Apparantly I'm still a new, learning mother: leaving kids alone playing with these paintbrush things that have the paint in them that we have played with tons of times because the paint part is still securely sealed off is not a good idea because one of them (mine, of course) will figure out how to open the paint and spill paint on himself and our brand new carpet resulting in a big mess (which he tried to cover up), an angry husband/daddy and a contrite wife/mommy. But looking on the bright side: the other innocent bystander kid did alert an adult quickly of the mess and we still have Mel's carpet steam cleaner that is doing a pretty good job on the new carpet. Now the question is who should get the punishment- Mommy or Scotty??? I say both!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baby #3

Due date for baby #3 is April 19. Scotty will have just turned 4 in March and Grant will be 16 months. We will be pretty busy here in the Lawrence household! But we are all very excited. Scotty was excited when we told him the news and we were happy about that. He says that the baby is a girl. He said that Grant was a boy, so maybe he's right again!
I was just looking back through newborn pictures of Scotty and Grant and getting all excited to have a tiny, snuggly newborn again! And we have pretty cute newborns, if I do say so myself!



Monday, October 20, 2008

More fun at the cabin!

We spent another weekend at the cabin, but this time Miles didn't go with us. He stayed home to do Scout stuff and to handle all the problems in the nursery for me- thanks Miles! But Scotty, Grant, Grandpa Scott and I had a great time. Scotty and Grandpa went on a hike while Mommy and Grant napped. We went to Murphy Lake to throw rocks and pine cones. Grandpa and I watched the newest Indiana Jones movie- it was good! Scotty got to start Grandpa's truck every time we went somewhere. And we ate at the Cheeseburger Factory. Yummy!! Their burgers are so good. If you are ever in Alpine Wyoming you have to stop in and have a burger. While we were driving back to the cabin after eating there Grandpa asked if we saw the bacon on his burger and was commenting on how big and how much of it there was. Scotty speaks up from the backseat with this: "Did you see the cheese on my grilled cheese? There was a lot of cheese and it was really melty!" We laughed so hard! It was like he was a little adult. Thanks for a great weekend Grandpa Scott!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bath time = splash time

Grant loves to splash in the tub. He splashes like a mad man. Scotty never really did splash too much. I can only remember a few times of splashing when he was a baby and we thought it was so cute. The first few times Grant splashed it was cute too, but now it's not so cute anymore! He gets splashing so much and drenches me and the bathroom. I've had to put the curtain inside the tub (which I don't like to do- gross!) and pull the curtain closed while he's sitting there splashing away so we don't have a flood on the bathroom floor. Then when it's time to wash him I have to hurry and grab his arms and wash quickly. He's ok with that part but then when he has to lay down to finish up he is not happy, so he'll start kicking his feet drenching me again! What's to be done though? Maybe I should invest in a rain coat!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Friday, October 10, 2008

Grant's on the move!

At 10 months Grant is finally starting to get himself around. He's not officially crawling yet, but he can move. He lays on his belly, pushes himself with his tip-toes and then lunges forward with his arms. Or else he drags himself along with his arms. It is so cute to watch! The other morning he was crying in his crib and when Miles went in to get him he was standing up leaning over the edge! Later that day after his nap he was crying again and when I went in he was doing that again. It scared me! So I had to lower his mattress this morning. It makes me sad. He's growing up so fast. I thought there would be two more notches to lower the mattress but there was only one, so he's now at the lowest- my baby is growing up! It's funny that he did that because he can't pull himself up anywhere else. He gets to his knees and then can't seem to use his legs to push himself the rest of the way up. But when it's a dangerous situation like teetering on the side of his crib, he has no problem!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Peeping Tom

Last night Miles and I were downstairs watching tv when I heard a weird noise coming from outside the uncovered window next to us. I hesitantly looked out and saw a cat looking down at us from the top of the window well. I hate cats!! After a little while it ended up jumping down into the window well and was meowing at us! I went over and hit the window to try to scare it away but it just kept on meowing. It was freaky!! After a few minutes Miles went upstairs for a little while and the cat eventually laid down and made itself comfortable right outside the window. When Miles came back down it saw him, got up and started pacing and meowing again! Obviously it was taken with him. I wondered if it was trying to tell us something- like Lassie did! Miles got annoyed and went over to the window, opened it up a little bit and proceeded to bark at it! The surprising thing is, it worked! It jumped back up to the top of the window well, Miles barked at it again and it ran away never to be seen again. We really need to get window coverings for those basement windows. A cat is bad enough but I'm totally scared of the day when I glance over there and see a creepy face peering back at me!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


This morning I was getting Scotty's breakfast ready. He wanted scrambled eggs with cheese on top. So we sliced two pieces of cheese because he always wants to eat one of them right away. This morning he decided to put them together to make a sandwich, eat both slices and have none on top of his eggs. Ok- whatever makes him happy! When his eggs were ready he grabbed what was left of his cheese sandwich and stuffed it all in his mouth. I got him off of the counter and was hugging and kissing him as I put him in his booster when all of a sudden he started gagging! I asked him if he was going to throw up, he said yes so I put him down and shooed him toward the bathroom telling him to run to the bathroom really fast. I was starting to panic! I don't do well with throw up! He started to go, abruptly turned around and announced around a mouthful of cheese that he has too much cheese in his mouth. He walked over to the garbage can, spit the cheese out and then was just fine. My racing, panicky heart took a few minutes to settle down though! That was a close call. Miles did point out that I can always have him throw up in the disposal side of the sink and I will try to remember that if I ever have a puke emergency in the kitchen again!