Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Miles!

Today is Miles' birthday! I'm sure that he's going to have a fabulous day! I, again, must tell all of you how wonderful Miles is. He is such an awesome husband. Better than I ever imagined I would have. He is fun, kind, very unselfish and very patient and forgiving with me! He's an awesome Dad and our boys love him so much. Everyone who meets Miles likes him.

I love you Gorgeous! I hope that you have a great birthday!!

Here are some pictures of him from the past year!


Ally said...

Happy Birthday, Miles! I do think you a great guy and are so dang fun to hang out with......oh..and Lori is too!! Wish we lived closer so we could have more game nights!

Miles said...

Lori- I am pretty awesome!

Ally- I thought guys moved away to avoid game nights with us. Did you guys ever win?

Melissa said...

Ah-there's not much more attractive than a great father. It's a quality I deeply appreciate in my dear hubby, too. Happy birthday to yours!!! :o)