Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow fun

We had a couple good snow storms in December and the boys had a lot of fun going outside to play in the snow.

Collin was so excited to go out that he put Scotty's boot on all by himself!

He wasn't too thrilled with getting bundled up, but he loved it once he got outside.

Daddy is lucky to have such a good helper.

Scotty built a very impressive dam.

Then they decided to build a snow fort.

Scotty's friend from a few houses down came over to help with the fort.

Snow angels.


Amanda said...

That is my idea of a good snow storm: where you can still see grass... We have had 33+ inches so far and it is so cold that nothing is melting! Not that I'm a bitter Minnesotan or anything:)

I love Collin with Scotty's boots on. Zachary has an obsession with Jada's slippers.

Melissa said...

Cute bundled up baby pics! Awesome snow fort!! :o)