Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend project

We have wanted to put in closet organizers for a long time. We put one in one of the bedroom closets when we were getting ready for Collin's arrival and it has been great. But our closet and Scotty's closet need something done. The builders put in one shelf across the top and the clothes rod and that is it. We also wanted to get a desk for Scotty so that he can move all of his "invention" stuff off of the kitchen counter. So we loaded up the kids and hit Ikea. We took a leap of faith that we could fit everything in the van with the kids in there too...

...and it fit! Miles is also a master packer. I'm always amazed at his packing skills!

Our van is awesome!

We got it all home and started moving stuff around and building.

We had great helpers, of course.

Unfortunately, some of the things didn't quite fit, so we have to try again with some different stuff. In the meantime our bedrooms are disaster areas with all the stuff in our closets piled in the room. But it will be so nice when it's done. Hopefully we'll have before and after pictures soon!


Amanda said...

It wouldn't be a home improvement project without something getting delayed or going wrong. There are currently two projects at our house that are in various stages of "getting done." I have high hopes that this weekend will finally be the end of the kitchen painting project (my birthday gift from Dan back in August:)