Thursday, January 13, 2011

Surprising doctor visit

No, it wasn't the ob! We decided to take Grant and Collin to see an allergist. Collin has had issues with dairy since he was born and throws up if he has more than just a little. Grant has had chronic stuffiness for years and we thought it might be from dairy. Our own experiments of taking him off dairy has helped his stuffiness immensely. But I wanted to know for sure and also to get some guidance and advice to handle the allergies. So we took them in and they did a prick test to test for food allergies. Grant hated the prick test and screamed through the whole thing while also trying to get up so we had to hold him down. Collin sat on my lap during his and would turn to try to look occasionally, but didn't cry at all. After the time was up we were so surprised to see that Collin had no reactions at all and Grant had one- to egg. We couldn't believe it! The doctor said that people can have intolerances to dairy but not an allergy and that is obviously what is going on with Collin and probably Grant. We just have to experiment with how much dairy they can have without having issues. And as far as Grant's egg allergy- we had absolutely no idea egg was a possibility because he's never had any reactions to it (that we were aware of). He said that since that is the case Grant is most likely growing out of the allergy and we should continue giving him eggs like normal.

We're surprised but relieved. Now we'll just have to try different things with the dairy to see what their limits are. Collin has been on soy milk since he was one and we'll just keep him on that until he turns two and then see if he can handle skim milk. Grant hates Collin's soy milk, so I'm not sure what we'll do for him!

We sure love these two little dairy sensitive wild boys!


Amanda said...

It always seemed to me like Ethan had some sort of dairy intolerance when he was a baby. I don't really notice it anymore. I tried putting him on rice milk, but he hated it, and he was/is a picky eater so I didn't experiment much with taking him off dairy since that was one thing he ate well. I still think what he eats definitely affects his mood more than my other kids. I hope your boys continue to grow out of their intolerance!

Ivanna :) said...

Why don't you try lactose-free milk?
I have a dairy intolerance problem and that works for me.