Monday, January 3, 2011

It's about time!

For Christmas the boys gave me a new alarm clock. I've had my old one since I was 12. It's been a great alarm clock and I really liked the height. But the knob to turn the radio and alarm on and off, set the alarm time and the clock time broke so I never knew if the alarm was really set and slept in a couple times because it wasn't. So I finally told Miles that I needed a new one. And I don't think the pre-teen look of my old one fits anymore! I mean, pre-teen days weren't that long ago, but still. :-)

Scotty helped me get my new one set up and told me that he picked it out all by himself, so now I love my new just as much as my old one. Good bye old friend. It's been a great ride!


Melissa said...

I love the teeny bop, 80s look of your old clock. Looks like something I would have owned "back in the day". Way to go making use of the clock for all this time, and congrats on the new one. It looks so sleek! :o)

Watts Family said...

Wow that clock is looking OLD!! It's fun to get new stuff too!!

Hey Lori, thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. I think you might be the only one that reads it. So I hope you don't think I'm a nerd because I really don't know how to write, it's just fun.

And you have such a sweet family.

Geri Lawrence said...

Which is which?