Monday, March 31, 2008

Party time

Well, we survived the party on Saturday. It was fun, but a little exhausting! We had 10 kids in the house- 1 girl and 9 boys!!! (The oldest boy being only 8.) That makes for a pretty loud and energetic house. But Scotty had fun and even shared all of his toys pretty well. After stuffing everyone with greasy burgers and fries we had Scotty open his presents to let the grease solidify in our arteries while we watched. Scotty was excited and happily opened presents for about 5 minutes and then said he was done and ran for the living room! I had to go get him and convince him that we could open the rest of the presents quickly. He obliged and was happy about the great gifts his loving family chose for him. Except for the much anticipated new big boy bed sheets and quilt that Mommy and Daddy gave him. As soon as he had a bit of wrapping paper off and saw that it wasn't a toy he disdainfully tossed the package to the side to search for something more exciting. Oh well. Surely he'll be excited about it when it's time to use the sheets, right?
So, aside from an anonymous guest that tried to use the tongue scraper in Scotty's bathroom as a toothbrush and then hid the slimy, toothpaste covered evidence in the corner, everything went really well. I love to have parties to celebrate my kids. I think they are so wonderful and great and I love to have family and friends take a moment to think about how great they are too. Hopefully Scotty knows how much he is loved. His dad and I tell him at least a thousand times a day, so he surely knows how much we love him! And hopefully all of his family realize just how wonderful of a kid he really is!

We thought this was so funny and he practiced blowing out his candles a couple times. Until later when I noticed something funny in the front of his hair and, upon closer inspection, realized that it was singed fragments of hair! I guess he leaned a little too close to practice!!

When I got out this tablecloth and put it on the table he got so excited and immediately ran to get his cars and trucks. It was so cute.

The famous forklift cake! Didn't Miles do a fantastic job??? And in case you can't tell, the load on the front is a roll of newsprint. In honor of the the forklift ride Scotty had recently at the Transcript with Grandpa Scott.

He loved his cake.


...and after!

We are singing - not drooling over the cake!

Scotty wanted to help do the honors.

With only a little coaching from Aunt Michelle, Scotty discovered what great fun it was to scoop your cake with your new tractor!

See what great fun he's having? :-)


Lawwife said...

AWESOME cake Miles!! Is that going to be a new job on the side?

Miles Lawrence said...

The Relief Society is having an Enrichment Night with cake making demonstrations. I'll make sure to attend and offer unsolicited advice.