Monday, March 16, 2009

Collin's here!!!

We had quite a surprising, exciting and stressful past few days around here.  On Thursday March 12 at 11:45pm Collin Steven Lawrence was born at 34 weeks at the University of Utah hospital.  He weighed in at a whopping 6lbs 1oz and was 19" long- which is pretty big for being 6 weeks early!  I went into the Tooele hospital around 4:30pm Thur afternoon with very, very mild contractions to be monitored thinking that I'd be sent home with orders for bed rest or something.  I ended up leaving the hospital a few hours later via helicopter on the way to the U to have the baby!  I came home today and had to leave Collin there which was very hard to do.  We don't know how long he'll have to stay.  He needs to be able to control his temperature, keep his heart rate steady, keep his breathing rate steady and be able to eat on his own before he can come home.  I will be going in to visit, hold and feed him at least once a day with help from wonderful ward and family members.  I'm exhausted and I will give a more detailed update soon!

Here's his first picture with Mommy and Daddy.

He's hooked up to lots of wires.

He's very handsome even with the wires and tape all over!

He has lots of dark hair.


wendysue said...

Congrats Lori! My mom told me about the big adventure! Scary, but so glad to hear everything is going well now!

Mel said...

Yay!! Glad you are home and well!

Collin looks like Grant to me, especially the mouth.

I can't wait to see him!!

john - and - aim said...

Yeah! What a sweet little peanut! The girls and I just want to rush up there and snuggle him - and kiss his cheeks! Hope you're feeling well - you need to call when you have a few minutes downtime - uh right!