Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So, Collin's already a little stinker and has been pulling all of his tubes and wires off.  He pulled his IV out and he was always pulling his oxygen down and sometimes would get it in his mouth like a pacifier!  Now he pulled out his feeding tube, but they decided to leave it out and see how he does and so far, so good!  He did well with all of his bottle feedings up until I got there today.  I nursed him and he was very sleepy.  I was worried he wouldn't eat, but after a lot of poking, prodding and rubbing he did pretty well.  He was never alert but he was eating and that's all that matters.  We'll be praying that he'll continue to do well with his feedings and won't have to have the tube put back in.  His is slowly going down on his incubator temp.  They are going to take it easy on that so that he can use all of his energy on feeding without his tube.  But it probably won't be too long before he's going to be able to come out of that too if things keep going this well.  He has now been in the nursery the longest- all of the babies that were there when he got there have gone home.  All of the nurses tell us how cute and sweet he is.  I agree!

Here's his cute face without any accessories!