Friday, March 20, 2009

Fuzzy hair

They took Collin's IV out of his head so I thought I'd post a new picture and you can see his cute fuzzy hair.  We had a good visit today.  He ate for 20 minutes again and was awake and alert for about 10 minutes.  He gets really tired after bottle feeding so they are doing about half and half of bottle and tube feeding.  They gave him a tube feeding before I got there so that he'd be awake when I came in and it worked great!  His oxygen is turned down really low so hopefully he'll be off of that pretty soon.  They're starting to wean down on the incubator too. He lost a little bit of weight yesterday but the pediatrician said that over the past week he has gained so that is good.  Everyday he is getting stronger.  They main thing he has to work on is eating.

Here he is pooped out after eating!