Thursday, March 19, 2009

More good news!

I got more good news when I went to the hospital today.  The nurses said that he had most of his feedings by bottle since I was there last.  That is a really good improvement and everyone was really excited about it.  For his feeding this morning he ate more than normal and the nurse said she just couldn't believe how well he was doing.  Then when I came in for the 11:30am feeding I couldn't wake him up!  We tried and tried but he was so pooped from eating so much that morning that he just kept snoozing no matter what we did.  So I just held him and snuggled him and it was so nice.  They do a weird thing- when it's time to feed again they take a syringe and draw out from his feeding tube whatever is left in his stomach to see how he is digesting.  She had me do it today and it felt so weird!  I feel like that would not be nice to have food sucked out of my stomach but she reassured me that it didn't bother them.  He had lots in his stomach left over so they said he went a little crazy that morning.  They turned off his IV fluid- yeah!  They want to start weaning him off the oxygen and they tried to turn it down but he had a hard time so they put it back to the level it was at.  He might struggle with that for a little while longer.  But we're seeing little improvements everyday and we are very happy.
I had Scotty give me a kiss to give to Collin and Scotty smiled really big- it was cute!  So I gave Collin lots of kisses from his Daddy and brothers at home who can't wait to see him.

Here he is in his isolette.  One nurse called it his condo!


Melissa said...

Lori- That is GREAT news about Collin. I am checking your blog religously for updates. Thanks for keeping us posted. This is probably easier than making 50 phone calls. We hope the good news keeps pouring in.