Sunday, March 22, 2009


I had a good visit with Collin today.  Grandma Geri drove me and and she was able to hold him and take some new pictures.  I'll have to post some when I get them from her.  He ate really well and then I was able to snuggle him for a long time.  The nurse knew I was coming so she fed him in his incubator the feeding before I came so that I could keep him out longer.  She also moved his monitor into the little mother's room and I was able to feed and cuddle him in there instead of out in the nursery.  It was wonderful.  He's still about the same.  Doing well on his oxygen levels and getting a little better everyday with his feeding.  They've turned down his incubator a little bit and hopefully will be able to keep turning that down.  They do that very slowly so they don't stress the babies out.  

Miles took the kids to church this morning and I stayed home and got some much needed rest.  Scotty was sung to in Primary for his birthday and they gave him three blocks in red, yellow and blue with the letters CTR on them.  They are cute.  Of course he wants to bang them together and play with them rather than display them nicely!  Grant was tired during sacrament meeting and was screaming!  He is a very loud boy!  I am exhausted.  I'm starting another week of ward members driving me into the hospital everyday and it makes me tired to think about it!  They come at 10am and sometimes it's so hard to get myself ready by that time.  Going into the hospital everyday has not been good for my recovery so I'm still tired and sore.  And emotional!  I had to go to my room tonight to cry after both Scotty and Grant made it very clear that they only wanted Daddy to help them get ready for bed and didn't want anything to do with Mommy.  Ug.  Hopefully time will heal all these things!