Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good day

I had a good day with Collin today.  My neighbor drove me in to see him and I'm so grateful for my good ward members that are willingly signing up to drive me into the hospital everyday.  I got there and the pediatrician came over and said that he is doing well.  He had been having a lot of episodes of his heart rate dropping and the nurses would have to come over and move him and rub him to stimulate him enough to get his heart rate back up.  He was having quite a few of these episodes a day and they were concerned but the pediatrician said that they are slowing down and they are pleased about that.  He is still having problems keeping his oxygen level up so we'll just have to wait for him to get that under control.  They have increased his feeding amount through his tube and have decreased his IV fluid that that is good also.  The best news of the day was that he nursed with me for the first time ever and even went for 20 minutes!  The nurses were going crazy about how wonderful and shocking that was.  They said if he kept that up then he'd be going home soon.  Yeah!  It's good to hear positive news.  He's still as cute as ever!

Here he is with his eyes open. They have a hint of blue in them! He pulled the IV out of his hand and they had to move it to his head. It looks scary but they said that they are better in the head.

Another bit of good news we received today was from our insurance company that my helicopter flight was authorized. Whew!!

Notice my hand on that guy? I really, truly felt like I was going to fall off of that thing and I had to grab onto him to keep myself from falling! They kept reassuring me that I wasn't going to fall but what did they know, right??


Melissa said...

Lori- That is great news about Collin. I hope it just continues to get better. He is so cute!!! Can't wait until he comes home. Let me know if you need anything.