Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fun

I have to start this post by saying that I love being an adult.  Miles and I were discussing this fact last night as we were gorging ourselves on Easter candy after the kids were in bed!!
We had a great Easter.  We colored eggs, went to Grandma Kath's Easter party and hunted eggs and enjoyed the aforementioned traditional Easter candy.  I bought Scotty a chocolate bunny fully expecting him to not like it and to be able to eat it myself.  Well...I should have known better because he absolutely loved it!  There is now only the feet left and I have to demonstrate great self control to not eat it.
This was the first year we have colored eggs.  I had great visions of Scotty being amazed and excited about the eggs turning lots of pretty colors.  The reality was that he was only mildly impressed and wanted to dye all of the eggs green!  Oh well- there will be lots more opportunities for him to fulfill all of my preconceived plans!

Grant did react to Easter just the way I imagined though!

Scotty enjoying the coveted chocolate bunny

We began our festivities by making brownies for Grandma Kath's party.  Scotty helped me out by "cleaning" the beater and mixing bowl!

Here is Scotty showing me his great finds.

Here is Grant with his Easter present from Grandma Kath.  He LOVES this little thing!  He smiles whenever we hold it up for him to see.

Pretending to be interested in coloring eggs for Mommy's sake!

Until he couldn't take it anymore and decided playing with his new scissors would be lots more fun.


Lawwife said...

I think Scotty has the right reaction!! Coloring eggs sucks and we haven't even attempted it with our kids. They have no idea it's part of Easter! It's the best!!!

john - and - aim said...

Wow, I wish I had been smart enough to leave out the egg coloring, too! Scotty does have the right idea!!!