Thursday, March 20, 2008

Growing up

This time last year we signed Scotty up for preschool for the 3yr old class in the fall of 2008.  At that time he was really shy and so we figured it would be good to get him started in preschool early to help him come out of his shell.  Well, yesterday I got the email with all the information about his class that will be starting in the fall.  I'm sitting there reading it and starting to doubt myself!  Do I really want him to start preschool already?  He isn't extremely shy anymore, so maybe he doesn't need the socializing.  What about the mean kids and bullies?  What if he won't have any friends?  Will he be potty trained by then????  (Oh, he better be!!)

I guess I'm just sad that he is growing up so fast.  His cousin Urban is going to be in the class with him, so he will have a familiar face.  (Which lately he has been calling Urban "my best friend Urban"!)  The socializing will be good for him and he'll have to deal with mean kids sometime, right?  I know that he will love going to preschool so I just need to put my fears aside and let him grow up.
Speaking of growing up fast: Grant is really growing fast!  He is almost 4 months old already and I can't believe it.  Time is going by so much faster with him than it did with Scotty.  We were realizing that he will be starting on rice cereal soon and that is just so crazy!  He is starting to laugh and it's so cute!  He's such a happy, smiley baby.  He's a pure joy!!


john - and - aim said...

I would just have to say "yes" in letting him go to school this fall! Think of the few hours it will give you to get things done, or spend alone time with Grant. You'll end up loving it! And knowing Crystal, she wouldn't let anyone be a bully. And Scotty is strong and will be a protector :-)