Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Every once in a while I get the giggles.  You know- when you start laughing at something but you just can't stop!  Well, whenever this happens to me it annoys Miles.  And the fact that it annoys him makes me laugh even more!  It's a vicious cycle- I laugh, he gets annoyed, I laugh more because he is annoyed, he gets more and more annoyed the longer I laugh, and on and on it goes.  He gets really annoyed if he doesn't know what I'm laughing about.  Like recently I was reminded of the time my friend Ally fell down the stairs in front of a hot guy (sorry Ally, but this is the most recent example I have!!) and it made me laugh and I got the giggles.  Miles was asking what was so funny but I was laughing so hard I couldn't tell him.  So he just sat there being really annoyed asking every so often what was so funny while I rolled around wiping the tears from my eyes trying to stop laughing long enough to tell him!  It's just so funny when he is sitting there asking what is so funny!  I think he's just jealous that I get to have a huge whopping laugh fest once in a while!  Plus he's always worried that I'm laughing at him.  But he knows I would never laugh AT him- just WITH him!  


Lawwife said...

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to the point where I can laugh at it. I just roll my eyes and think what a dork I was. It's still up there as one of my most embarrassing moments. What about the time we put fake tattoos on our boobs and then squished our boobs together for a great cleavage and took a picture?!? Remember that one? I still have the pictures if you need a little reminder :).

john and aim said...

I think one time I laughted "at" Miles... Do you think he'll be annoyed with me, too? I think it's cute when you have a laughfest - it keeps you young!

Miles Lawrence said...

Very funny! I can't stop laughing!! To clear this up I'm not a big grumpy dope (most of the time) but this uncontrollable laughter usually happens at inappropriate times, such as during a serious conversation, or when I've just undressed for the shower, or the worst is during special Miles and Lori time. So yes I get annoyed but it's just at the timing.

To read what really goes on in the Lawrence Household read my blog "The ORIGINAL Lawrence Sandwich".

Lori said...

Ally- no, I don't need pictures- I have them somewhere, but I don't particularly want to see them again!! Even though you can't laugh about it, I laugh enough for the both of us!

Aim- Miles was probably secretly hurt if you laughed at him but put on his perpetual happy face!

Miles- very funny!!!

john - and - aim said...

Yes, I know that face :-)
I love you, Miles!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ally, I hadn't heard the tattoo story and I would love to see the pictures. Can you post them here?
Geri (the mother-in-law)