Monday, March 24, 2008

Scotty's 3rd Birthday

Today was Scotty's 3rd birthday- believe it or not!  It was a really fun day.  We started the day with me going to get him up from his bed and telling him happy birthday.  He got all excited that it was his birthday and ran out saying he wanted to go see his birthday.  He was a bit disappointed to get to the family room and not find any presents there waiting for him!  Luckily I had made a little sign and he thought that was pretty great.  We gave him a pair of roller skates made for little kids.  He was really excited and immediately started driving them around like trucks!  Then he put them on both hands and went zipping around.  But we were proud when he wanted to put them on his feet and try them.  He did pretty good until he got to the wood floor and started slipping and sliding.  So he decided that he would just stay on the carpet.  Can't wait until we get to try them outside!!
Urban came over and we went to lunch at McDonald's and he had lots of fun playing in the play place.  Then after naptime (a must even on his birthday!) they were able to play outside because the weather was beautiful.
We had his favorite foods for dinner: plain pasta, broccoli and oranges!  I made him some chocolate chocolate chip muffins, piled them up on a plate to resemble a cake and put the candles in.  He was so excited for us to sing to him and blow out his candles.  We had to sing about 5 times and he blew out the candles 3 times!
We will be having his party this Saturday and we're excited.  We'll be attempting to make a forklift cake so check back for the results!  We can't believe what a big boy he has grown up to be.  I told him how happy he makes us and how happy we were when he was born and joined our family.  He said "Yeah, I was a little baby."  We just feel so lucky to be his parents.  He's a great kid!
Now we will be on to the other big boy adventures:  a big boy bed, big boy underwear (please pray for me!!), a trip to the dentist and preschool this fall.  Turning 3 brings lots of changes!!

Being very patient to pose for a picture before opening his present.

This is how not creative I am:  I cut balloons and candles out of construction paper and glued them on this white paper and was so proud of how creative I was being!!  But he loved it and that is all that matters!

Pointing to his new roller skates.

He quickly ate the tops off of two muffins and probably would have eaten the tops off of all of them if we had let him!  Isn't he adorable???

He's not always happy to take a picture with Grant!

Grant gave him this automatic bubble blower thing.  Mommy hopes we will be able to do bubbles without so much slimy bubble solution all over!!

He loved the "bubble thing"!  


Lawwife said...

Your creativity on the sign is GREAT!!! Keep nurturing it and it will grow :).

john - and - aim said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the cutest boy ever (next to Kam of course, um, and Grant!). I wish we could have been there to try those awesome and delicious looking cupcakes. Can you say "Betty Crocker"!!! You're not fooling us, Lor: You have more talent than you think :-)

Kelly Chance said...

Happy Birthday to Scotty, a day late from me! I remembered yesterday, and sent him an ecard from Alaura. Hope he got it!
I love your blog, it's so fun!