Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's hard being almost 3

Sometimes it's just hard to be a little kid.  

  • Scotty wanted to watch The Little Mermaid (which we're sure that he has a little crush on Ariel!) but when the scary part came on he dissolves into tears saying that he doesn't want to watch it anymore and instead of just turning it off he continues to watch, be scared and cry.
  • He is having so much fun spinning around and around until he stops and is really dizzy and walks right into his dresser resulting in a bump on his forehead and lots of tears.  
  • He really loves to play in the playplace at Carl's Jr but he's a little too short to climb up the platform and has to stand there and yell for help.  Then he has to listen to Mommy trying to explain how to climb up staring at her blankly because he has no idea what she is talking about!  Until Mommy finally finds some kind kid to help him up (because she has already done her time climbing in those things rescuing her nieces and nephew!).  
  • He has to stop playing for 1 minute for Mommy to change his diaper.  But if you suggest using the potty you get a big no screamed at you!
  • During daylight savings time he has to go to bed while it's still light outside!
But even with all this hard stuff he's still a happy, fun kid.


Miles Lawrence said...

Looks like Lori is blogging about me again, that's exactly what happened to me yesterday...