Monday, March 31, 2008

To my kids: Seriously??

So, here are a couple little examples of times when I say to my kids "Seriously?"

1.  For a couple months now Grant has gone to sleep between 7-7:30pm, woken up somewhere between 3-6am quietly sucking his fingers and making soft hungry noises to eat, then back to sleep until 7:30-8:30am.  Then one night last week he slept all night long without getting up to eat.  Yeah!  We celebrated the end of early morning feedings and anxiously looked forward to the next night of blissful, uninterrupted sleep.  Well... the next night came and at 1:30am- 2 to 5 hours earlier than normal, frantically sucking his fingers and crying very loudly, we woke up to have to feed him as he ravenously sucked down the bottle.  And then he did that again the next night, then went back to his normal wake up time for a couple nights, and then slept through the night again.  I mean, seriously?  Make up your mind, boy!!

2.  After many weeks of having Daddy in nursery, then many months of crying hysterically when we left him at nursery, Scotty finally got to the point of wanting to go to nursery and would head in with barely a look back.  Then recently because of illness and being out of town we missed a whole month of church.  So our first Sunday back, Scotty screams in horror at the sight of the Nursery room and promptly clamps onto my leg with a death grip.  I have to pry him off and hand him apologetically over to the nursery worker and walk down the hall listening to his hysterical cries of "I want my Mommy!"  He is now the oldest child in Nursery crying harder than the newest 18 month old.  Seriously, Scotty?

Motherhood means that you can't depend upon any regularity!