Thursday, March 27, 2008

Furniture mania

We decided to go to a "special, invitation only" sale at the local furniture store (I would guess almost everyone in Tooele got a "special customer invitation"!).  They had a few doorbusters- one which was a microfiber couch that we decided would be nice for our basement.  They had 12 couches available at this price.  We loaded up the kids (which we had to wake up the baby and tell Scotty that he was going with us whether he likes it or not!) and drove on down.  We were quite surprised to see the parking lot packed and a huge line outside waiting for the doors to open.  What??  A line??  At the furniture store in Tooele??  In March??  I immediately said that we should just go home because there  was no way we would get this couch- since I am pretty much a hermit anymore and don't like crowds!  Miles said we should go in anyway and at least take a look at carpet since we're in the market.  So Miles went to stand in the line and I got out the huge double stroller, bundled everyone up (it happened to go back to freezing temperatures just in time to stand outside in a big line) and we made it in.  I wandered around until I saw Miles following a salesman so I followed him right over to the exact microfiber couch in the ad.  Could it be?  Could Miles' early morning runs have helped him beat out all those crazy people?  YES!!  We got it!  I couldn't believe it.  Go Miles!  

After that we leisurely wandered around getting free pizza, letting Scotty jump on beds and couches, getting a balloon sword for Scotty which miraculously lasted until we were almost ready to leave, checking out carpet prices, feeding Grant and having his diaper leak on my lap and leaving a big wet circle on my leg, changing his diaper and having him pee all over the changing table (yes, you should always put something under your baby on those things!!) and waiting, waiting and waiting some more for Miles to finish talking and asking questions!  
All in all, we were very happy that we braved the crowd and forced Scotty to go.  We came out with a great buy and Scotty now wants to go back to the furniture store again soon.